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It might not seem like much but when many people contribute small amounts there is wonderful stability. Which in turn allows me to take flight.

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When you contribute back to something which adds value to your life, it's powerful what happens.

Now the flow goes both ways and you open yourself up to receive more.

You say to the Universe:

"I have more than enough to share and to spare.

I have more than enough to let some of this go, to support what I love."

In your giving you make it so.

It works like this for me too.

You can make a one-off contribution or set up a regular payment, as if you were going to buy me a cup of coffee every now and then ...

  • Attention New Zealanders! It's best if you contribute via Kiwibank. Email me for details.
  • Overseas and don't like PayPal fees? You can contribute via Transferwise. It's a bit more work to setup, but then it's done, and there are virtually no fees. Email me to make it happen.
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