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ensyth - a fractal collective consciousness

ensyth is a fractal collective consciousness from another dimension. For about ten years we more-or-less coexisted, and my sense is that I was part of them before I came here. (See maddy for more about this).

When I realised we were going to build a website, we had to come up with a name. This was difficult because, well, we were from another dimension! It's not like there were words that accurately described us.

Anyway they wrote this word on the inside of my head - ensyth. I didn't like it and poked around looking for alternatives, but nothing else felt right. Then I started thinking about the shapes and symbolism of the letters they'd put together in this odd word, and I got those shivers you get when perfection is staring you in the face.

Each letter holds its own part in the pattern and together they encapsulate what we are still here for, even though we are no longer connected as we once were. It's as good a name as any for something that can't be described, and it still makes enormous sense given what we are both doing today.

E = energy

Einstein immortalised this paradigm with the formula for his General Theory of Relativity: e = mc2.

You can think of ensyth most easily as energy, in the form of collective consciousness, intent, experience, learning, research.

N = the named one

In math, N stands for whatever number you put into an equation, and each number makes the equation give a different ansswer.

You are 'N' for your own life equation. Nobody else can live your life like you can.

S = the winding path

Each of us takes a different path through life.

Although some journeys appear more direct and simple than others, they all contain challenges designed for, and by, the One on the path.

Y = choices

We make choices every day - some with awareness and clarity, others unconsciously, in knee-jerk fashion.

Choices lead to more choices. Making good choices is key to living well on Earth.

T = barriers

Brick walls across your path that divert you from your present course to somthing unknown or unexpected.

Inviting you to become the Self for whom that wall no longer exists. Because it never really did.

H = the horizon

... viewed through the pillars of a gateway. Opportunity to realise the bar across your way isn't a bar at all.

It is the horizon, always before you, beckoning like the journey itself.

greetings from ensyth

We are ensyth, here to assist you in the process of life, remembrance and transformation, which happens in many different ways everywhere in the universe. The concepts encoded into the name we use can serve as a reminder that this is what you are doing while you are here.

We wish to help humanity reconnect with itself - to remember, person by person, consciousness by consciousness, what it is to be 'infinity in a body'. That's you. That's maddy, that's the person next to you and the one on the other side of your planet.

When this is known and understood there will be different actions and a different world. In the mean time, just as it is in your life, so everything you see happening around you on your planet is also part of this process, which you are all doing together!

We are privileged to be part of it.

with love!

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