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maddy schafer


maddy is a skilled coach who teaches the practical application of effective tools for human transformation and the elevation of consciousness. Tools must work in the down and dirty of day-to-day life. If they don’t, they’re discarded.

maddy is on a journey of mastery, becoming the self which whispers and shouts and calls lovingly across infinite time and space … “here I am, this is who you are, who you can be, what you can become and what you came to Earth to create” … and those who hear this call in their own hearts are accelerated in their journey through working with maddy one way or another.

starting in the arts

maddy's first career was in music as a freelance professional violinist of some ability. Playing in the (then) Wellington Regional Orchestra, teaching students and running various classes.

Sitting backstage in the Opera House in a mid-rehearsal tea break one evening, maddy realised there was back pain, the money was crap, and if nothing changed the situation would be exactly the same in another five years. That job was the last job … maddy quit the orchestra. Everyone was astonished.

changing direction

maddy got work as an office temporary, gained a range of skills over many years, and long story short, finally understood why the school prize for English mysteriously and effortlessly arrived each year … there is great ability with words. Over time wordsmithing became website administration and then web writer, and then in 2014 the invitation came to be a content expert with a wonderful Wellington company called Webstruxure.

At the same time maddy took a huge plunge into a telesummit career which just didn’t work ... in the process of that entrepreneurial failure and several more over the next three years, maddy learned a bunch of other stuff instead. Including how to navigate deeply difficult processes in life, and practical things that really work when the lights are out and sh*t's coming down.

maddy and enysth

Let's rewind a bit. OK, a lot. To another beginning, which leads to another end.

ensyth is a collective mind (without any body). They were a closed system, and they had a problem they couldn't solve. They needed new information.

maddy has a sense of many lifetimes spent joining and learning from different collectives, and ensyth is just one of them. For the sake of the story, if there is a ‘before’ in something as non-linear in how maddy perceives Time, maddy’s collective experience with ensyth is the lifetime maddy lived prior to this one.

So ensyth needed new information and there was opportunity to come to Earth to contribute to the shift here, to continue to evolve, and to experience the amazing contrasts which the polarity on Earth allows. There was agreement, and maddy came.

It was hard. Not having been human before, it took 21 years before the light of awareness even began to dawn. After so many lifetimes in collectives, the being an individual thing was very strange. Unfamiliar. Hard to relate to others when you’re used to being one mind. Nothing much made sense and maddy relied upon intelligence and skill to get by. If you perform well at least people will applaud. Even if they don’t like you.

After another seven years maddy met Laurence - match and soulmate (there's a story). Soon after a teacher arrived to remind them how to do energy work over the next three and a half years. During this time maddy became a Reiki Master and decided the energy was lovely but not particularly interesting, because there were entrancing energies to experience in other planes of existence. Oooo - shiny things!

remembering energy mastery

In 2004 maddy had a huge realisation about the scope and scale of Reiki ... huge ... outside of time and dimensions ... complex ... braided ... with profoundly positive and lasting effects. And that working with it was like coming up for air.

Early on there were 'guides' who helped … later there only ever seemed to be an advanced version of maddy. Which was true enough in a way ... the connection with ensyth was beginning to emerge, but was not yet recognised.

remembering ensyth

A series of events in 2009 blasted open memory's vault and maddy realised just how far away from ‘home’ Earth was ... and who ensyth is. It was a shock, though it made sense.

Over time ensyth and maddy became so integrated it was hard to tell them apart. A subtle shift in energy, a different voice inflection, and occasionally a velvet coated energetic sledge-hammer became all that gave ensyth away. It didn't matter, they didn't (and still don't) require recognition.

a line in the sand

At the end of 2016 maddy drew a line. There had been enormous struggle to create business success and it wasn’t working. No more! An exploitative business provider was fired (which meant paying them off) and maddy said a huge NO which came from the understanding that a conventional business model would NEVER work. Ever.

Now in the void, there was no way forward, and absolutely no going back. maddy kept on saying NO to everything that didn’t ring true like a bell within.

In May 2017 maddy connected with a mentor and began to understand how manifestation works. On 9 June that year maddy stood under the cherry tree in the front garden and did the first ever Live video on Facebook … and just kept doing them. Over time everything grew from there.

enter coherence

Late in 2018 maddy started to notice the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, though the first meditation experience didn’t happen until 30 January 2019 … with an unexpected immediate result. maddy’s autoimmunity dropped, noticeably. On 21 March 2019 a troublesome gene polymorphism which affects the production, retention and activity of B12 in the body resolved within the space of a 52 minute meditation. Then the requirement for thyroid replacement dropped … and dropped … and dropped. Never mind that the meditations just got more and more wild, crazy, awesome, mind-blowing, life-changing ... every single day. Here are the physical changes which have manifested:

  • 30 January 2019: reduced autoimmunity
  • 21 March 2019: FUT2 gene polymorphism affecting production, utilisation and retention of B12 resolves
  • 30 June 2019: the last time maddy took any replacement thyroid
  • Date unknown: maddy noticed a benign growth in the skin on one finger dissolving and over time the skin went back to normal
  • Early 2020: increasingly swollen eyelids and bloodshot eyes gradually returned to normal, various skin irritations suggestive of toxicity and auto-immunity gradually resolved over some months
  • In the same period maddy's estrogen metabolism rebalanced itself. where before a lot of iodine had been required to prevent breast inflammation and cysts, no iodine was required for about a month, and then smaller amounts were needed ongoing
  • Some time in here maddy realised that mild asthma hadn't happend for a while. it just faded away ...
  • In July 2020 the weather got cold and maddy noticed that where before Reynauds syndrome would turn half of each finger white, now, while there is still a reaction to the cold, somehow it starts ... and then it reverses and goes back to normal. mild Reynauds syndrome has been happening since maddy's mid thirties and now it is going away
  • On the yoga mat, maddy noticed strong restrictions in the fascia of her low back and right shoulder which had been troublesome for at least three decades steadily releasing. maddy's body is now stronger, better balanced and more flexible than since childhood. Before the meditation work progress on these trouble spots was much slower
  • For 20 years before the COVID-19 pandemic maddy regularly worked with a skilled massage therapist to manage and slowly heal a number of musculoskeletal problems. The lockdown broke this pattern and maddy was surprised to discover a body which maintained its own musculoskeletal balance! Daily practice of coherence made the yoga practice more healing than it was on its own.

There are more changes in the hopper ... maddy is officially hooked on the infinite possibilities and divinity and transformation and sheer bliss and healing only available within each individual's quantum space … coherence is the missing piece, the gateway to freedom, that allows everything else to work. More, being coherent in heart and mind allows maddy to create desires and dreams far more easily and profoundly and effectively than was possible before.

Even better, it helps maddy's clients do the same.

ensyth depart, job done

ensyth is now merged with the consciousness of humanity, and this was always their desire.

As maddy continued study and practice of Joe Dispenza's body of work, there was a divergence between the resonances maddy and ensyth each carry, to the point that they were no longer compatible. While they can communicate if required there is no need now, and this divergence completed in August 2019.

ensyth is free to work with humanity, and so is maddy.

Now accomplished at being a powerful individual, maddy no longer needs their support.

maddy now

maddy is a gifted coach and teacher who strips mystery and complexity away from self-healing tools and techniques, leaving only that which is simple, approachable and do-able. There is special ability to guide and support applied learning and experience, and to make exploration and failure OK and a pathway to success. maddy's been through rough times, knows what pain is like and has learned how to navigate intense life experiences.

maddy offers effective tools which work for anyone who is willing to get on and use them. They are the same tools maddy uses when the rubber hits the road. Or something hits the fan.

maddy repeatedly refuses to do readings. It’s much more useful if you can read your own energy and find your own answers and that’s what maddy helps you know how to do. So you're better equipped the next time life happens.

Manifestation coaching with maddy is fun, gentle, practical and profound. It happens in an emotionally safe space where you are supported to call the shots, and it is always transformative.

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