group coaching

enter the HeartField for Abundant Self Creation

become self-healing, self-creating, self-sustaining and truly, deeply self-abundant

You want to bust out of the bull-sh*t and live the life you can feel is waiting for you to step up and live. There's something inside you wants unleashing.

You're ready to manifest your dreams from inside yourself and you're ready to stop looking for answers anywhere outside.

You want your own unshakeable resolve, your own connection to an unerring inner compass, and your own flow and pace for creating a bigger You, a more impactful and expansive life, every moment of every day.

And you want a seasoned, compassionate, powerful and authentic mentor and running mate with which to share the journey.

If this is you, welcome to the HeartField, you're home.

the simple perfection of you needs no fixing, only to know itself

Manifesting yourself abundant is a journey.

In the HeartField you'll solve your 'unsolvable' puzzles. You'll be empowered to face and embrace and move through them from within, guided by your own inner widsom, using practical tools which work.

So you can get on with manifesting your dreams. Yes, they really can become real and YOU are enough to make them happen. You've got everything you need inside you.

In the HeartField you can let yourself out!

You'll get feedback on your questions, on-the-spot trainings (monthly coaching workshops too), an awesome playspace with like-minded people. You can bring anything into this space and you're 100 percent supported. You'll gain skills to do stuff like:

  • break out of a stressful state so you can relax, tune in and get connected to clarity again
  • connect into the powerhouse in you that is ready to create your dreams and make them happen
  • resolve troublesome emotional reactions effectively without endless analysis
  • become more resilient and resourceful no matter what
  • step into the power and presence of your truth and your vision and start living from that place.

This is a practical, personalised and private membership group on Facebook where you are safe and supported to come face to face with yourself and manifest your dreams.

This is an affordable way to come together with like-minded others to share trainings, answers, tools and coaching, so you can get off the 'healing treadmill' and step into your manifestation mojo.

This is for you if:

  • You're ready to take 100% ownership of your life
  • You're ready to recognise yourself as the ONLY place you'll ever find answers to your questions
  • You're willing to make space for new, large and wonderful (and possibly even strange) ideas about who you are and what you can create for yourself
  • You're committed to taking gentle, step-by-step, sustainable action towards letting in the life you desire
  • You want self-healing and manifestation tools you can use in any situation, and repeatable methods for connecting to your own inner guidance and insight, no matter what's going on
  • You want to be able to ask questions of an experienced mentor who won't give you textbook answers, but instead will help you create your own
  • You want to build your life on your terms, your way, and start calling the shots instead of letting life just happen to you!

unleash the power of you abundant

How it works

  • A private Facebook group where you can post your questions and get answers
  • Weekly training videos relating to whatever is on top for you
  • A 90 minute workshop session each month online via Zoom from anywhere in the world (hmm, yeah, well, often longer, we have too much fun)

You will learn how to

  • Take yourself and your vision to a new level
  • Know how to dissolve resistance and meet challenge
  • Get connected with your higher intelligence and innate healing ability
  • Get deep into alignment with your truth and purpose in life, and live abundantly from that place


Manifestation is a journey

... and most of us don't have the support we need to help us through the challenging parts, so we struggle with the same old problems and programs. Sometimes for years, or even decades. I know. This was me.

In the HeartField you benefit from my experience of figuring out how to manifest the life I desire, and learn from my process too. It's not like I'll ever be done!

You experience my unique methods and ways of doing things, which aren't yours, but do give you a great place to start finding out what makes you tick. Or sing, or dance, or whatever it is your heart truly wants to do and be. And I'm there to help you figure it out. I'm good at that!

Add that to a unique community of people committed to manifestation and mastery, and continuously taking themselves and their work to the next level, and then the next level and well, you get the idea. The mastery you unleash flows powerfully into your work. You get better at everything you do, and that means you let in more resources, more people, more cooperation.

The HeartField is about empowerment, ownership and resourcefulness, rather than the traditional model of 'healing something that needs fixing'. It's about empowering new and masterful ways of living and being. And it's about finding your vision, that which calls you, which only you can do and be because it's yours, and step by step, making it and letting it happen. For yourself, and in that way, for everyone you touch.

Do that and you change your world!

Moving towards goals and desires

I have been working with Maddy for over a year now. I don't think there is enough room to tell you what I love about her! She introduced me to some very easy tools to get me moving towards my goals and desires. Many things have moved in my life since working with Maddy, I couldn't be happier. She has what it takes!

    ~ Andrea Swiedler, Connecticut

Walking talking owner's manual for our brains

Maddy has been working with me (singly), my husband and I (together), and my teenage son (singly), for several months. Obviously, we think something good is happening! In fact, working with her is so helpful that we recently put her on “retainer” to ensure that we get enough time with her each month! 😉

Maddy is amazingly knowledgeable about how the brain works, and is endlessly able to suggest useful tips and techniques to help us manage our inner worlds, and thus our lives. She is actually the walking, talking owner’s manual that should have come with our brains, but didn’t. And thank heavens, because my head is an odd place to hang out. Maddy makes it more friendly, and certainly more fun!

Her insight and compassion have helped Hubs and me improve our communication and reduce power struggles. Son was going through a tough patch, and Maddy was able to get past all that teenage angst to help him choose healthier, happier perspectives and strategies. He’s in a better place now but doesn’t want to give up his time with her - which is fine with us, as every teenager should have a solid relationship with a helpful, loving adult. It’s a relief to me to know that she’s got an eye on the inside of his head at this time in his life when he’s a bit less willing to let me in.

We adore her, and super grateful for her knowledge, guidance, and laughter!

    ~ Jennifer Lopez, California