manifestation coaching

ready to manifest the life you desire?

transform your life, simply, powerfully, repeatably

If ~

  • You’re over banging your head against your own brick walls
  • And you want simple, practical, powerful and effective ways to create the life you desire
  • And you dream of being paid to do what you love
  • And you want a mentor and running mate to help you find your own answers and make all this real

Then ~

Manifestation Coaching is for you

manifestation coaching - unleash the power and clarity and truth of You

And what if ~

  • Becoming abundant isn't about being perfect or needing to ‘fix’ yourself?
  • You can come to the table warts and weaknesses and all and still create more of what you desire in life?
  • You really can create the changes you want gently, effectively, at your pace?
  • You can enjoy doing it?

You can create more abundance in your work, your life, your relationships, your health or anything else you desire. It's all connected and you're safe to explore.

How do Manifestation Coaching sessions work?

You always bring a key question to each session (no matter whether you know what it is or not). What's surprising is how that question takes you in through layers of yourself until you get to the heart of the matter.

In the process you get to see past the forest to the trees, and recognise what's stopping you from creating the change you desire.

Once your question is clear you're also deeply connected to yourself and your truth. Then it's easy to know WHAT you want to do differently, HOW to do it, and most important, that you're free and able to actually DO IT.

Asking a clear question

... is like putting the right search terms into Google. You get exactly the answer you want, except it's not from Google, it's straight from your own inner Source! Then we just work out the practical side of making your answers happen in your everyday life. Finding the question can be challenging but the ‘answer’ part is usually surprisingly simple to do.

Like the sound of this? Get in touch.

How many sessions?

Every session delivers profound shifts. How many you have is up to you.

Ideally, I would choose to work with you for at least three months, preferably six. There's no doubt you'll create more change more effectively through several sessions over a period of time, than in a single session.

Here are some things I've done in the past, but remember only you can know what's right for you now:

  • Monthly sessions give you time inbetween to integrate your shifts, put them into practice and see what comes up in time for our next connection
  • Weekly sessions work well when when you've got a lot to get through or need extra support for a time
  • A three hour session every six weeks gives you even more time inbetween for a spacious experience. Longer than this and the thread of continuity is lost.

In short, we agree on what works for both of us, and if things change we flow with that.

How long is a session?

Sessions can be anything from one to three hours long. With that said, for your first session you need to allow two to three hours. I've seen it so often now, one hour is never enough! You will definitely use the two hours, and you will probably want to extend to three once you're there.

You can space out sessions anything from one to four to six weeks, whatever feels right for you.

Sessions are best scheduled at the end of your day so you can relax afterwards. We cover much ground and you will find you want to rest and integrate afterwards.

What does it cost?

The energy exchange for 1-1 manifestation coaching is NZ$150 per hour. Keeps it simple!

How do we meet?

We meet on Zoom. If you'e not on Zoom already it's easy to set up a free account, just visit the website and it will step you through. I'll manage the rest.

Will my session be recorded?

Your session is recorded and will be available for you to download and review afterwards if you wish.

Ready for action?

Infinite possibilities available in a completely safe space

Working with Maddy has been truly life changing. Maddy has worked alongside me - holding infinite possibilities in one hand and that which holds me back in the other. All this in a completely safe space that has encouraged me to step forward on my path, in my own power and time.

In her live broadcasts and coaching sessions Maddy conveys universal truth in the most accessible and practical way I have come across. The love vibration on which it is delivered is tangible, and after listening to her I always feel uplifted and encouraged.

I am blown away by the transformations I have been able to make in myself and my life with Maddy's help!

    ~ Kathy Lys, New Zealand

Simple tools and techniques make an immediate lasting difference

... the issue we worked on was not in the forefront of my mind as we started the 3 hour session, yet it has been a chronic issue since I was a child. It is something I have learned to live with, although it causes me unhappiness.

I can honestly say though, two weeks later, that I am noticing a considerable improvement. It's like I'm becoming the person I wished I could have been were it not for this childhood wound.

Maddy shared with me her techniques via PDF so I could practice and I use them almost everyday whenever I am feeling uncomfortable emotions. I am no stranger to healing modalities nor therapy having trained in several (modalities) myself but what Maddy shared with me are some of the most effective I have experienced.

    ~ Lucy Jordan, Animal Communicator and Artist, United Kingdom

Insightful, fun 'aha' moments and huge positive shifts

ensyth-maddy's sessions are very insightful and fun. I'm really fascinated by the gentle yet playful way Maddy helps you open your heart. And it was an aha moment for me, when she identified the hidden belief and unconscious behavior that was limiting me. I had never expected that would be the root cause. And just the fact of getting in touch with it, made me feel a huge shift in the way I relate to myself and others. Maddy also gives very simple practices that help you see the changes you want. I highly recommend working with ensyth-maddy!

    ~ Moncef Afkir, Host and founder of Your Divine Uniqueness telesummit, Morrocco

Safe to be vulnerable, power to transform

Maddy is a powerhouse of energy and focus and transformation, as well as a loving, caring, beautiful human being following her path to help many. I felt so comfortable to discuss even the most vulnerable parts of myself with Maddy as there is no shame, guilt, fear when you are with her. Anything is possible and she helps you find the core needs that are driving your actions. She has an amazing tool to transform emotional and energetic knots within us that she teaches you and you can then use it whenever issues arise on your own.

    ~ Dunja Radosavljevic, Feminine Intuition and Dream Life Coach, Serbia

Space to utilize full potential

Maddy conducted the session in such an empowering way for me - she allowed me to utilize my gifts during the session, and she only offered guidance when I was unable to see or know something from my current perspective. I cannot express how important it is to connect with Beings that give you the space to utilize your full potential, and Maddy certainly does this with such ease and grace.

I highly recommend sessions with Maddy if you are looking to optimize your existence utilizing your inherent skills, gifts, and talents (even if you don't know what they are yet - most likely you will find out during the session). Maddy's loving, supportive presence and co-creative assistance during the session helped me to unlock a wealth of things I had forgotten, and these "memories" assist me on this infinitely-expanding journey.

    ~ Mary Amantea, fractal artist (see her fabulous work)