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  • Learn how to quickly break up unhelpful feelings and beliefs without analysis paralysis
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I’m only interested in practical and do-able tools and strategies that help us manifest what we want in life. Because I discovered most of the stuff we fall over becomes manageable when it’s broken down into small steps, particularly when there's science which explains how those steps work.

I’m totally at home with energy, multi-dimensionality, past life stuff tra-la-la ... I also love to rip structures and modalities apart, extract what’s useful, and leave the rest.

I can read a great deal from a few lines on screen, or the sound of a person’s voice, or a photograph. And I don’t do readings. I’d rather teach you to connect with your own truth.

So I coach. I offer you Manifestation Coaching.

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  • Every day a new conversation about how manifestation works in practice, and a new invitation to explore and expand
  • Comment and ask questions either Live or later and I'll answer you
  • Gain practical skills and encouragement on your journey
  • Enjoy the beauty of my garden when the sun shines, and my crystals when it doesn't
  • Participate for free, or if you wish you can support my work

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Manifestation coaching

  • Understand how you've manifested your life to date and how you can transform it
  • Learn how to transform limiting unconscious behaviours and beliefs into freedom, clarity and practical action that gets results, any time, anywhere
  • Connect in deep with the truth and power inside you, unleash it to your life, to the world
  • Choose a customised coaching session structure to suit your needs.

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Results ...

Infinite possibilities available in a completely safe space

Working with Maddy has been truly life changing. Maddy has worked alongside me - holding infinite possibilities in one hand and that which holds me back in the other. All this in a completely safe space that has encouraged me to step forward on my path, in my own power and time.

In her live broadcasts and coaching sessions Maddy conveys universal truth in the most accessible and practical way I have come across. The love vibration on which it is delivered is tangible, and after listening to her I always feel uplifted and encouraged.

I am blown away by the transformations I have been able to make in myself and my life with Maddy's help!

   ~ Kathy Lys, New Zealand

Making changes, finding alignment, changing energy

Maddy has only been working with me for a comparatively short while, but with her help and guidance l have been able to start and make changes within myself, that have helped me say yes to the things/people that line up with me, no to those things/people that don't line up with me, and change the energy that l have within me to achieve these things.

She understands exactly what is going on with me and guides me to do the right thing for myself. Maddy is the right teacher/mentor for me at the right time, and has helped me so much to align, I'm so glad that we came into contact, the best thing to have happened to me. It was meant to happen and it has.

   ~ Julian Churchill, United Kingdom

An Owner's Manual for our brains

Maddy has been working with me (singly), my husband and I (together), and my teenage son (singly), for several months. Obviously, we think something good is happening! In fact, working with her is so helpful that we recently put her on retainer to ensure that we get enough time with her each month! 😉

Maddy is amazingly knowledgeable about how the brain works, and is endlessly able to suggest useful tips and techniques to help us manage our inner worlds, and thus our lives. She is actually the walking, talking owner’s manual that should have come with our brains, but didn’t. And thank heavens, because my head is an odd place to hang out. Maddy makes it more friendly, and certainly more fun!

Her insight and compassion have helped Hubs and me improve our communication and reduce power struggles. Son was going through a tough patch, and Maddy was able to get past all that teenage angst to help him choose healthier, happier perspectives and strategies. He’s in a better place now but doesn’t want to give up his time with her - which is fine with us, as every teenager should have a solid relationship with a helpful, loving adult. It’s a relief to me to know that she’s got an eye on the inside of his head at this time in his life when he’s a bit less willing to let me in.

We adore her, and super grateful for her knowledge, guidance, and laughter!

   ~ Jennifer Lopez, California

Overcoming pain and addiction to suffering

Maddy is such a wonderful and kind soul and a Woman of a different generation than me who I connect with and share lots of thoughts and ideas with. She is not like a grandmother or mother to me but more like a loving favorite aunt ... She represents an energy that I greatly lacked and didn't even realize I desired in my life until I thought of seeking a mentor ... And then Maddy popped up in my feed as a Recommended for you video, connected only by the lightworker groups that I hadn't participated in for a while.

It is such a joy to listen to and watch her and her garden and lovely property. I relate to the struggles she describes and she has been so helpful to me in overcoming the pain and addiction to suffering I struggle with in my soul. I just wanted her to know what a blessing she is and how much I enjoy connecting with her. Big Love 💖💖💖

   ~ Sara Marie Stafford, Maryland


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